Faculty Introduction

Akitoshi NAGAHATA, Dean

The Graduate School of Languages and Cultures (GSLC) conducts research and offers opportunities for graduate study in a wide variety of languages and cultures, with an emphasis on critical and theoretical as well as practical approaches to the diverse issues of modern Japanese and international society.


The main objectives of the GSLC are as follows:


To conduct fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research into a wide range of topics related to languages and cultures.


To equip students with the essential...

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Graduate School of Languages and Cultures

Class Name Instructor Name Class Homepage Class
Academic English Intermediate Kimi AKITA JPN ENG JPN
Introduction to Research on Second Language Learning a Makoto HAYASHI JPN ENG JPN
Korean Language Expression Seminar b - Segmental Phonetics and Phonology in Japanese and Korean Akira UTSUGI JPN ENG JPN
Basic Media Theory A Akiko OGAWA JPN ENG JPN
Introduction to Avant-garde Art Tagiru FUJII JPN ENG JPN
Asia Communication Nobuhiro IHARA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, B Kimi AKITA JPN ENG JPN
Applied Linguistics Special Research B Tomoki OKUDA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Applied Linguistics Special Research A Tomoki OKUDA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Gender & Economics Misako ARAI JPN ENG JPN JPN
World and Image in Japanese Narrative I~IV Dylan Patrick MCGEE ENG ENG
Contrastive Studies of Linguistic Expressions II Yasushi SUGIMURA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Introduction to Vietnamese Ia, Ib Kumi KANAMURA JPN ENG JPN
Comparative Studies of Japanese and Chinese Cultures ab Jie HU JPN ENG JPN JPN
Drama / Performance Studies b Koichi MURANUSHI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Second Language Acquisition (a) — Understanding Second Language Acquisition Studies Shunji INAGAKI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Studies of Modern Chinese Usage (a), and (b) Makoto MARUO JPN ENG JPN
Comparative Literature Miki WATANABE JPN ENG JPN JPN
Introductory Japanese Language Education Methodology (a) Takao KINUGAWA JPN ENG JPN
The Principles of Japanese Language Education (a), and (b) Katsuo TAMAOKA JPN ENG JPN
An Introduction to Japanese Grammar (a) Tack ung LEE JPN ENG JPN JPN
Theories of Comparative Aesthetics (a), and (b) Shigeo SUZUKI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Media Discourse Analysis Edward HAIG JPN ENG JPN ENG JPN ENG

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