Intermediate Japanese Listening Course

Toshiko ISHIZAKI Associate Professor

Department: Education Center for International Students

Class Time: 2006 Spring Friday
Recommended for: All international students, including non-degree students, researchers and faculty members of Nagoya University who has pre-intermediate Japanese level (You need to pass the placement exam held by ECIS) or who has completed the SJ200 class offered by ECIS

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Objectives and aims of the course

By listening to the Japanese spoken in various different situations students will improve their understanding of "natural conversation". Students will be able to guess the meaning even if three are unknown words and phrases by learning contracted forms, sound changes and difficult expressions needed for the conversations.

*Although the lecture is offered only in Japanese, it is an excellent lecture worthy of being introduced in English.

Key Features

The classes are conducted in the following styles using the "Intermediate Japanese Listening Course Web" and are designed to promote innovative classes.

  1. Each learner is provided with a computer and is able to study by her/him self.
  2. When there is one computer for two people, they are able to learn through discussion.
  3. The lecturer projects the material onto a big screen and all the classmates study together.
  4. As homework.

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Course material

"Intermediate Japanese Listening Course web"
You can study 1C, 3A, 3C, 5B1, 6A, 7B, 9B from the Guest entrance for free.


Nagoya University Education Center for International Students Assoc. Prof. Toshiko ISHIZAKI


All included in "Intermediate Japanese Listening Course web".

Course Schedule

1Section 1 Announcement on the bus
2Section 1c Time and room change of Seminar
3Section 2b Ordering at a restaurant
4Section 3a Announcement on the train
5Section 3c Class cancellation
6Midterm Test
7Midterm Test Feedback
Section 5b Inquiring at the hospital reception
8Section 6a News: a cash robbery from a truck
9Section 7a Self introduction
10Section 7b Lost a bag
11Section 8c Visiting a friend in the hospital
12Final Test / Final Test Feedback


Midterm Test, Final Test, attendance.

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Lecture Handouts

All included in "Intermediate Japanese Listening Course web".

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