Faculty Introduction

Jun'ichi SAKUMA, Dean

Twelve specialized sections of the School of Humanities, as well as eleven of the Graduate School of Humanities, pursue one shared goal, which is to explore human nature through a variety of methods and perspectives. Our school occupies a distinguished position in the study of the humanities, and the graduates play significant roles in fields such as education, culture, and journalism, mainly in the Chubu area. Today the study of the humanities faces drastic changes. Interdisciplinary study is...

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School of Humanities / Graduate School of Humanities

Class Name Instructor Name Class Homepage Class
Language and Social Interaction II Eiko YASUI JPN ENG
Language in Social Interaction I Yoshihiko ASAO JPN ENG JPN
The Ethnic Groups and History of Southwest China Kenichiro HAYASHI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Cinema Studies I Hideaki FUJIKI JPN ENG JPN
The Ancient Japanese Nation and the Handicraft Industry Tomohiro FURUOYA JPN ENG JPN
Romantic Literature in British and European Contexts Kazuyoshi OISHI JPN ENG JPN JPN
The Modern Ages of Privacy and Model Problems Yoshitaka HIBI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Archaeological Research on the History of Ancient Handicraft Industries — about the roof tiles of Kokubun-ji (provincial temples) — Yoshimitsu KAJIWARA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Study of Environmental Awareness Yukio HIROSE JPN ENG JPN JPN
Finnish Grammar Jun'ichi SAKUMA JPN ENG JPN JPN
The Structure of Representation in the Post-Roman Era — Historical Reflections on Communication Acts Shoichi SATO JPN ENG JPN JPN

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