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Tomohide NIIMI, Dean

Guide to the School of Engineering

Natural sciences have long been developing as a result of the observation of nature coupled with logical thinking since the ancient time when mathematics was conceptualized. As a typical example of technology originated from sciences, the invention of a steam locomotive in the 19th century led the historical "innovation" known as the industrial revolution. The continuous efforts of our predecessors caused a variety of innovations and we realized the production of hybrid cars and smartphones etc. in recent years. Thus, human beings rapidly...

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School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering

Class Name Instructor Name Class Homepage Class
Development of Structure and technology Masaki NAKANO / Masaomi TESHIGAWARA / Hikaru NAKAMURA / Tsunemi MIZUTANI / Nobuo FUKUWA / Ippei MARUYAMA JPN ENG JPN
Solid Mechanics Eiichi TANAKA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Elements of Physical Engineering Miho TAGAWA JPN ENG JPN
Power Electronics Takeshi FURUHASHI JPN ENG JPN ENG
Discrete Mathematics and Exercise Keiichirou KUSAKARI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Signal Transmission and Detection Theory Takaya YAMAZATO JPN ENG JPN ENG JPN
Communication Engineering Masaaki KATAYAMA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Advanced Chemical Reaction Process Engineering Tomohiko TAGAWA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Advanced Nonlinear Control Kenji FUJIMOTO JPN ENG JPN
Pattern Recognition and Exercises Kenichiro ISHII JPN ENG JPN JPN
Photochemistry and Radiation Chemistry Takahiro SEKI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Radiation Measurement Tetsuo IGUCHI JPN ENG JPN
Analytical Dynamics Junichiro INOUE JPN ENG JPN JPN

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