Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dean of the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Faculty Introduction

The Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides the elementary courses of Nagoya University, with assistance from all faculties. The number of courses provided in this institute now exceeds 1900 in number. Since 2009, with the introduction of e-learning program, it has been pursuing to enrich English education as well.

Courses provided at this institute are divided into two groups, elementary and cultural. The former consist of courses on elementary seminars, language and culture, study of health and sports, not to mention basic courses on liberal arts and science and technology. These lessons account for nearly 90% of the courses available, with language lessons approaching 50%.

Elementary seminars are like a warm-up to university lessons, where students learn the how-to's of studying in a university. Around 280 seminars are provided every year. Each student will take one or two seminars a year, depending on his or her major. These subjects, along with experiment courses for science students, are mainly practical, giving students an opportunity to participate actively in class.

Cultural subjects, on the other hand, consist of three courses: liberal arts, science, and universal. These consist mainly of lectures, and give students deeper insight on the many events taking place all around us.

Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences