Basic Seminar (Eating and Health)

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LecturerYoshiharu SHIMOMURA, Professor
DepartmentInstitute of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2014 Fall
Recommended for:Agriculture Education Law Letter Economics Informatics Science Science Engineering(II,III,IV) (21.5 hours / session One session / week 15 weeks / semester)

Course Overview

Main theme of this seminar: Eating and Health

Eat healthy, live healthy! This means that eating has a great impact on our health. The basic meaning of eating is to obtain nutrients, but it includes the meaning of eating behavior. Therefore, it is also important for our health how to eat, including combining and cooking of foods, timing of eating, etc.

The eating habits are related with the occurrence of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

In this seminar, I hope that students obtain a variety of knowledge about health in relation to eating habits and efficacy of exercise in order to prevent life style-related diseases.

Key Features

Basic theme of the seminar: Eating and Health

As described in the syllabus, eating has a great impact on our health. It is important for our health what kinds of foods we eat and how to eat, including combination of foods, how to cook, and timing of eating.

The eating habits of the students and their viewpoint for eating are strongly affected by their family. If the students would have a wrong eating habit, this seminar might contribute for the students to correct it. If the students would obtain right eating habits, it may have a great influence on their future life.

Furthermore, we discuss metabolic diseases related with eating and efficacy of exercise on our health in this seminar. I hope the students will have wide variety of knowledge about health in the activity of this seminar.

Course Aims

  1. The teacher explains the basic theme of this seminar and gives the students sub-themes.
  2. Students select the sub-theme.
  3. Students research the sub-these using books, references and internet.
  4. Students prepare PowerPoint slides for their presentation.
  5. Students give presentation using the PowerPoint slides.
  6. The teacher assists the questions and answers between students in the presentation.

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