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On the NU OCW (Nagoya University OpenCourseWare) website anyone from anywhere in the world can see Nagoya University class information and materials for free.

“Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW)” class webpages contain following section:

  • “Class Homepage:” Outline of the class and tips from the instructor on how to make the most of the class.
  • “Syllabus:” Class schedule, grading, requirements, and other details about the class.
  • “Class Materials:” Actual materials used in lecture.
  • “One Minute Video” A short video introducing the class's contents and appeal narrated by the instructor.
  • And more!

The Purpose of This Site (Nagoya University OpenCourseWare)

Seiichi MATSUO, the President of Nagoya University, launched a program to convert teaching materials used in selected courses into digital format and make these materials available over the Internet to the public at no charge. By thus posting course materials on the web, the University offers the public a rare glimpse into its classrooms. It is hoped that this site will help enrolled students engage in self-directed study, plus promote communication and interaction not only between instructors and students and among instructors themselves, but also between instructors and people outside the University community as well.

This project is administered by the Nagoya University OpenCourseWare Steering Committee and has been prepared in partnership with the Japan OpenCourseWare Consortium (JOCW), founded in May 2005.

About the Public Course Materials

Every year at Nagoya University, many thousands of courses are held. Even within individual departments there are a great many different kinds of courses taking place. The courses introduced here are but a part of these, and include some courses that have been discontinued and some whose instructor has changed. The courses that are introduced here have been recommended by heads of departments, the Nagoya University Open CourseWare Steering Committee, or are personally recommended by individual professors, and all courses have received approval from the Nagoya University OpenCourseWare Steering Committee.

Terms of Use

Please pay careful attention to the following points when using the materials posted in appearing in “Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NUOCW).”

Materials Posted

The materials on this site may be duplicated, distributed, translated, edited, or otherwise used as you wish, as long as it is for non-profit, educational purposes.

When distributing course materials from the Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW), whether in original or modified form, you must give credit to the original author (see Copyright section).

When circulating or recirculating materials from the Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW) site, you must impose the same conditions of use as above.

Copyright of all course content posted on the Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW) site belongs to Nagoya University and the instructors who prepared the material. This copyright remains in force even if the materials are altered.

When distributing course content from the site, whether in original or modified form, please give credit to the original author as follows:

  • “This document was compiled (some parts were modified) based on course materials for [course title][year course given] available on the Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW) site and were compiled by Nagoya University instructor [name]. ”

Copyright © [year course given][name of instructor].

Disclaimer of Liability

Nagoya University and its instructors make every effort to ensure that the materials posted on this site meet the University's academic standards in terms of accuracy and quality, but legally the University makes no guarantee whatsoever with respect to, but not limited to, accuracy, quality, fitness for any particular purpose, merchantability, or non-violation of rights. The University assumes no responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise from use of these materials.

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Usage Requirements

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“Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW)” introduces only a small part of the wide range of classes available at Nagoya University, and as such are not “correspondence school” or “e-learning” classes. For this reason, you will not receive course credit or certification from using these materials. Also, “Nagoya University OpenCourseWare (NU OCW)” simply makes course information available to the public and are not classes in of themselves. Please send all comments and questions to inquiries page.