Graduate School of Languages and Cultures

(Suspended student application for 2017)

Dean of the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures

Faculty Introduction

The Graduate School of Languages and Cultures (GSLC) conducts research and offers opportunities for graduate study in a wide variety of languages and cultures, with an emphasis on critical and theoretical as well as practical approaches to the diverse issues of modern Japanese and international society.


The main objectives of the GSLC are as follows:


To conduct fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research into a wide range of topics related to languages and cultures.


To equip students with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for them to contribute effectively to the development of international understanding and cooperation.


To promote internationalization by actively undertaking the training of international students and overseas-educated Japanese students and fostering deeper international understanding of Japan, particularly by introducing Japanese language and culture to people from other parts of the world.


To develop evening courses to provide graduate level education in language and culture specially tailored to meet the needs of people who work at government offices, private enterprises, and educational institutions.

Graduate School of Languages and Cultures