Asia Communication

LecturerNobuhiro IHARA, Associate Professor
DepartmentGraduate School of Languages and Cultures, 2015 Fall
Recommended for:Graduate Students (2)

Course Overview

The main theme of this course is History of Mass Communication in Asia. In relation to the course from spring semester "Media in Asia", students will learn and discuss knowledge, perspectives and analytical methods of mass communication. We will focus on; (1) How press reports in mass communication of Asian countries have been influenced by domestic political systems, economic level, and developmental levels, (2) The role and function of media in such processes, (3) How mass communication have influenced media politics in each Asian countries, and (4) How political leaders have utilized mass media to achieve their interests.

In order to achieve the aims above, students not only learn about mass communication analyzation theories, but also about political systems and political histories among Asian countries. In addition to critical case studies, examples and theories of Nationalism and National Integration, Media and Propaganda, Developmental Communication and Cultural Imperialism will be especially discussed. Students will deepen their understanding through lectures, group readings of classics, and discussions. All students will be required to participate actively. Furthermore, there will be lectures on the basics of writing an academic paper, and how to develop your research proposal into a paper. The class's themes may change according to the interests of students.


Materials will be assigned and distributed during class.

Course Requirements

Nothing in particular. It is preferred that the course be taken in conjunction with spring semester course "Media of Asia." Please contact the instructor regarding auditing.

You must attend the first class session.


Final Report (40%), performance in assignments and contribution to class (60%). However, if you are absent more than 5 times, you will not receive credit for the course.

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