Graduate School of Information Science

(Suspended student application for 2017)

Dean of the Graduate School of Information Science

Faculty Introduction

Teaching at the Graduate School of Information Science

At the School of Information Science, by perceiving information from a range of academic standpoints as well as structuring it as a topic of study we aim for the creation of a completely new academic field that fuses conventional areas.

To this end, we strive for an integrated teaching programme covering from the basics of information science to its application, and we offer an education with the following principles:

  1. Teaching an organised and wide-reaching knowledge of information science
  2. Teaching of views essential to clarify the effects of information in various sciences
  3. Teaching the importance of social models, including engineering ethics and information ethics
  4. Teaching to acquire abilities to understand and analyse the demands of society
  5. Teaching to breed communicational and presentational abilities
  6. Teaching the practical skills for coordinating actual information systems

In this way, the School of Information Science not only gives its students the skills to accomplish world-leading research, but also promotes development of talented individuals furnished with a sense of social ethics and the ability to understand social and cultural qualities and characteristics.

Graduate School of Information Science