Academic English Advanced

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LecturerDEACON Robert joel, Associate Professor
DepartmentInstitute of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2017 Fall
Recommended for:School of Engneering (21.5 hours / session One session / week 15 weeks / semester)

Key Features

The objective of this course is to develop students' academic presentation and writing skills. Students will primarily focus on problematic topics within their field of study. This course also focuses on English conversation. In class, I will address you by name each lesson so you can practice responding appropriately. You will be prompted to start conversation as well. Through this, you will also have the opportunity to improve your listening skills in both formal and informal contexts.

School Lessons

Lessons are constructed in order to engage students in varying tasks and are mixed with short lectures. These tasks allow students to practice covered material while engaging in new material. In groups, you will have to discuss problems and imagine possible solutions.

Class focuses

This class focuses on building your vocabulary, listening, presenting, and writing skills. Students will be required to give short presentations, write reaction paragraphs, and discuss a range of topics: culture, law, technology, and current world problems.


Presenting in English (Updated Edition).Mark Powell. 2011. ISBN: 978-1-111-83227-8, Price: 3100yen

AEA Schedule and Agreement

Lessons Points of Focus Listening/e-face tasks Assignments Given Assignments Due Possible Discussion Problems
1 Saying Hello and Coming up with a Good Idea none Presenting in English(PIE) p.10-18 none:-) Japan's English Education
2 Clearly Introducting your Thesis Statement Practice Quiz Eface + PIE(10-13) Reaction Paragraph 1 none:-) Japanese Population Shrink
3 Strong and Weak Claims Quiz 1: Eface up to unit 2(PIE 14-18) Presentation 1 Directions, PIE p. 20-29 Reaction writing 1 Energy and the Environment
4 A Guide to Visuals none :-) Lawyer Shortage
5 Practicing what we have learned Presentation 2 Direction, PIE p. 32-40, Reaction Paragraph 2 Short Presentation 1 Death Penalty in Japan
6 Chunking and LInking, Difficult Sounds, Pronunciation of Past and Plural Quiz 2: Eface up to unit 4(PIE 20-23) PIE p. 40-45 none:-) Organic Farming
7 Practicing our Skills PIE p. 48-54 Reaction Paragraph 2 Use of Antibiotics
8 Focus and Repition / Using Good Evidence PIE p.54-60, Reaction Paragraph 3 E-face(Units 1 to 4) by May 29th Constitutional Changes
9 Rhetorical Questions / Handling Questions Quiz 3: Eface: up to unit 6(PIE 54-60) PIE p.62-68 none :-) Legal Discrimination in Japan
10 Practicing our skills PIE p.69-80 Short Presentation 2 Vacant Homes
11 Building Rapprt with Audience PIE p.80-84 none :-) Humanoid Robots
12 Other Useful Expressions Quiz 4: Eface: up to unit 8(PIE 62-69) PIE p.86-92 E-face(Units 5-8)by June 26th Equality vs. Liberty
13 Simplification and Clarification / Building Complex Reprentations PIE p.93-102 none :-) Our Oceans and Climate Change
14 Practicing our skills PIE p.104-111 Short Presentation 3, Reaction Writing 3 Earthquake Proof Homes
15 Recap of Important things Quiz 5: Eface: up to unit 10(PIE 110-112) PIE p.111-118 E-face(Units 9-12) by July 17th, Finish Final Presentations Avoiding Tsunamis
15% 25% 60%

Lesson1-2 lesson3.pdf" desc="Lesson3"}
Lesson1-2 lesson4.pdf" desc="Lesson4"}
Lesson1-2 lesson5.pdf" desc="Lesson5"}
Lesson1-2 lesson6.pdf" desc="Lesson6"}
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Lesson1-2 lesson9.pdf" desc="Lesson9"}
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Lesson1-2 lesson12.pdf" desc="Lesson12"}
Lesson1-2 lesson13.pdf" desc="Lesson13"}
Lesson1-2 lesson14-15.pdf" desc="Lesson14-15"} Lesson1-2 Presentation 1 Directions .pdf" desc="Presentation 1 Directions"}
Lesson1-2 Presentation 1 Rubric.pdf" desc="Presentation 1 Rubric"}
Lesson1-2 Reaction Writing 1.pdf" desc="Reaction Writing 1"} Lesson1-2 Presentation 2 Directions .pdf" desc="Presentation 2 Directions"}
Lesson1-2 Presentation 2 Rubric .pdf" desc="Presentation 2 Rubric"}
Lesson1-2 Reaction Writing 2.pdf" desc="Reaction Writing 2"} Lesson1-2 Presentation 3 Directions .pdf" desc="Presentation 3 Directions"}
Lesson1-2 Final Reaction Writing .pdf" desc="Final Reaction Writing"}

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