Academic English (Advanced)

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LecturerNathan HAMLITSCH, Designated Lecturer
DepartmentInstitute of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2021 Spring
Recommended for:2nd year students

Course Overview

This course teaches students how to make an academic presentation. Specifically, they will learn how to turn a published academic paper into a high-quality, clear and concise presentation. Each week’s lecture builds on what was learned the week before, step-by-step, until students have a completed presentation. This “rough” presentation is then further refined and improved for a final in-class presentation.

Course Goals

The central aim of this course is to improve students’ presentation skills and to help students understand and create their own academic presentation based on a thorough understanding of 1) observations / problems 2) research questions / objectives, and 3) thesis statements / hypotheses. We will then use this basic framework to move to more advanced topics. Students will dissect and understand a work of their choosing as a basis for their presentation. Students will also learn how to write a proposal/abstract for their work. Students will present twice during the semester using the skills learned throughout the course. As necessary, most classes will contain a lecture dealing with specific aspects of presentation skills. Class activities and materials will be oriented around pair and small group work.

Course Schedule

1 Course introduction, orientation; What is research?
2 The 3 most important elements of research; What is a thesis statement?
3 4 kinds of observations; 2 (+) kinds of research questions; 2 sequences of a research paper
4 Review; Investigate a real research paper; Things to consider when choosing a research paper
5 Student presentation: In focus
6 Student project: 1. Observation, 2. Research Question, 3. Hypothesis
7 Support for idea: How to support the thesis statement/hypothesis (Method, Results, Discussion)
8 Wrapping up: Conclusions; outlines
9 Presentation 1
10 Presentation 1 cont.
11 Feedback from presentation 1/ Using abstracts to organize your presentation; What is an abstract?; Building an abstract
12 Checking an abstract
13 From paper to presentation: Abstract to presentation
14 Presentation 2
15 Presentation 2 cont.

Lecture Materials

Grading and Assignments

Classwork/Participation: 20points, Homework: 20 points, Presentation(1): 20 points, Presentation(2): 20 points, E-learning (eFACE)-online only: 20 points

This lecture is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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