Electric Circuits

A dinosaur
LecturerTakeshi FURUHASHI, Professor
DepartmentG30, 2020 Spring
Recommended for:School of Electronic and Electric Engineering, G30


  • Lesson01 ”Resistance”

  • Lesson02 “Resistance Circuits”

  • Lesson03 “Analysis Methods”

  • Lesson04 “Sinusoidal Voltage”

  • Lesson05 “Effective Value and Circuit Elements”

  • Lesson06 “Combined Circuit Elements”

  • Lesson07 “Complex Number Representation”

  • Lesson08 “Impedance”

  • Lesson09 “Power”

  • Lesson10 “AC Circuit Analysis”

  • Lesson11 “AC Circuit Analysis Frequency Response”

  • Lesson12 “Resonant Circuits”

  • Lesson13 “Fourier Series”

  • Lesson14 “Transient Response”

  • Lesson15 “Transient Response of 2nd Order Circuit”

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