English (Reading) 4

LecturerJunko YAMASHITA, Professor
DepartmentInstitute of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2005 Spring
Recommended for:School of Letters (21.5 hrs. / session 1 session / week 15 weeks / semester)

English Reading4

Key Features

The aim of this course is to help students read a large amount of English in order to build stamina needed to read English. The teacher will provide them with the several levels of English books. The students read books from the list of around 500 books according to their own interests and their estimated levels of English. Each session is divided into two. The first half of the class follows the traditional teaching style: lectures are given and everyone reads the same materials, doing the same exercises. The latter half of the class is an individual session. Students work in their own pace, reading books or writing reports. The teacher will try to understand preferences of each student and give advice to help their extensive reading. The students can take advantage of the latter half of the class and can ask the teacher questions individually.

The list of the evaluations of the English readers by the students

I listed the rates of the English readers from the book reports of the previous students below.

The tiles of the series

The list of the books proposed by the students

I listed books that the students voluntarily chose for their extensive reading.

Course Aims

The students will be able to read English faster and build vocabulary through extensive reading. Students will enjoy reading English, and as a result, they will be able to strengthen the stamina needed to read a large amount of English.

Your own attitude to read a lot of English


The students will choose the books they want to read from a host of English books which are provided as teaching materials and read them in and out of the class. They will try to finish more than one book in each week and hand in the reports about the books they have read. The levels of teaching materials are decided into five, the level of vocabulary ranges from 500 words to 3500 words and the length of the books ranges from 30 pages to 130 pages. In the first lecture, the students will take a test to determine the book to read. What they will do in the classes is to practice to read fast with materials provided and to read extracts from original writings. Moreover, the teacher will provide them with time to read the book they chose and ask questions they have individually. In addition, if some students have books they want to read, they van work on them with the consent of the teacher.


Graded English readers published by American and European publishers.

Course Schedule

Schedule Homework
1 Orientation
2 Test
3 Building vocabulary Book report (every time you finish a book)
4 Training the skill of speed-reading
5 Reading the original writing
6 Building vocabulary
7 Training the skill of speed-reading
8 Reading the original writing
9 Building vocabulary
10 Training the skill of speed-reading
11 Reading the original writing
12 Building vocabulary
13 Training the skill of speed-reading
14 Test
15 Summary Reading record sheet (at the end of the semester)


Book report(To be handed in each time a student finishes a book)
To be included in the report

  • School
  • Student ID number
  • Name
  • My book report number(i.e. serial number of the book reports)
  • Submission date
  • Title
  • Author
  • Series(code table 1 )
  • Book number(i.e. serial number of books on the cover page of the book of the book list)
  • Grade(the level used in the class. Refer the table 3)
  • Page count(the total number of the pages of the book. See the book list)
  • Word count(the total number of the words of the book. See the book list)
  • your total evaluation of the book(the full score is ten)
  • the findings about English
  • the plot and remarks
  • Reading record sheet(hand in at the end of the semester)
    The student will be asked to record their accomplishments on their own reading until the end of the semester.
  • Note) the students who are going to read the book chosen by them selves will have to.

    1. Hand in a book report every week.
    2. Report the number of pages they read in a week in their reading record sheet.
    3. Write * in non-applicable columns in the book report and the reading record sheet.


    The students will be evaluated based on their class performance (book reports and attendance) and the total amount of reading they have done during the semester.

    Appropriate books for extensive reading

    • books whose contents are interesting for the students
    • books whose levels are from i-1 to i+1 ('i' means the English level of the student)

    Introduction of English readers

    English readers for extensive reading published by American and European publishers (for English language learners) The books are divided into several levels.

    Table 1 series title and code
    Series title Code Cover color
    Oxford Bookworms OX black
    Heinemann HE orange, green, red, blue
    Penguin PE orange
    Cambridge CA blue
    Oxford Factfiles FAC deep blue

    Table 2 level of vocabulary
    1(400) Beginners(600) 2(600) 1(400) 1(400)
    2(700) Elementary(1100) 3(1200) 2(800) 2(700)
    3(1000) Intermediate(1600) 4(1700) 3(1300) 3(1000)
    4(1400) Upper(2200) 5(2300) 4(1900) 4(1400)
    5(1800) 5(2800)
    6(2500) 6(3800)

    Table 3 level as used in the class
    1 1 Beginners 1 1
    2 2 Elementary 2 2 2
    3 3 Intermediate 3 3 3
    4 4 4 4 4
    5 5 Upper 5 5
    6 6 6

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