Labor and Management

LecturerIkutaro ENATSU, Associate Professor
DepartmentSchool of Economics / Graduate School of Economics, 2015 Fall
Recommended for:School of Economics Graduate School of Economics (2 creditsOnce a week 15 weeks)

Course Overview

Hiring and utilizing labor as employee is the fundamental of business management. Moreover, for the most of people, working in/with the firm is one of the fundamental way to live a life and to develop themselves. Human Resources Management that aims to match people to firms is currently changing. The purpose of this lecture is to give students the opportunity to practice how to improve the way we live and work, by studying the aim, origin and issues of human resource management.

Key Features

For this lecture on Human Resources Management, I will try to eliminate the unfamiliarity with Human Resources Management for students by asking them to consider these ideas; "Human Resources Management is directly connected to your near future", and "In fact you have already had similar experiences in your daily activities and relationships with others".

While it might sometimes stir-up crisis awareness among students, they will have to think about "Utilization of employees on behalf of the firm" and "being utilized by the firm as an employee".

Since it is indeed difficult to systematically understand things by simply listing the facts, we will try to look at them from a historical viewpoint, and investigate the truth from the basic subjects including business management, sociology, psychology and economics.

They may think that the contents of this lecture are not things that we should learn in a university, but in our modern society, especially when you start to work, there are many absurdities if you live in this society without knowledge of Human Resources Management.

We will try to improve the contents and methods in the lecture to be well delivered and to respond to the students' requests so that they can cope with our modern society or even make changes in it.

Course Schedule

Session Contents
1 Orientation (2015.10.1)
2 What is the "Human Resources Management System" (2015.10.8)
3 Organization and Human Resources Management (2015.10.15)
4 Individuals and Human Resources Management (2015.10.22)
5 Style of employment contract and employee grading (2015.10.29)
6 Recruiting employees (2015.11.5)
7 Assigning jobs to employees (2015.11.12)
8 Developing employees (2015.11.19)
9 Evaluating and Rewarding employees (2015.11.26)
10 Respecting employees (2015.12.3)
11 Diversity management and Carrier of Female workers (2015.12.10)
12 Diversity of employment styles (2015.12.17)
13 International Human Resources Management (2016.1.14)
14 Work-life-balance (2016.1.21)
15 Make-up Day

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