Quantum Information Theory 1

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LecturerBUSCEMI Francesco, Associate Professor
DepartmentSchool of Informatics / Graduate School of Informatics, 2018 Fall
Recommended for:Graduate Students (1)

Course Topics

The course will introduce quantum information and quantum computation, in a way suitable to an audience with no specific background. The following topics will be covered: mathematical description of quantum systems - composite systems, purification, and quantum entanglement -Bell inequalities and quantum "nonlocality" - evolution of open quantum systems - quantum channels - quantum measurement processes -simple quantum communication scenarios (noiseless channels, super-dense coding, quantum teleportation).

Course Purpose

In this course we learn about the basic ideas in quantum information theory. This is the first step towards learning the theory and the applications of this field. This class is a necessary requirement for "Quantum Information Theory 2."

Textbooks, Reference

Materials and Requirements Materials will be distributed when necessary.

Working notes for an introductory course on quantum information theory


Criteria By one final report (Japanese or English, 80%) and active participation to class (20%).

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