Development of Structure and technology

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LecturerHikaru NAKAMURA, Professor, Masaomi TESHIGAWARA, Professor, Nobuo FUKUWA, Professor, Masaki NAKANO, Professor, Ippei MARUYAMA, Professor, Norimi MIZUTANI, Professor
DepartmentSchool of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering, 2017 Spring
Recommended for:School of Civil Engineering/Architecture (2.0週1回 全15回)

Course Purpose

Historical roles of civil engineering and of architecture are discussed from the following viewpoints disaster prevention such as forestry conservation,river improvement,coastal protection,fire prevention,and seismic design;construction of infrastructures such as water supply,energy supply,transportation,communication,and housing. Typical structures and technological inventions are outlined in every case.

Course Topics


ethics for engineers

disaster mitigation learned from Tohoku Giant Earthquake
anti-earthquake measure and the great Hanshin earthquake

Overview of structural system
Required performance, structural component member, materials.

geotechnical engineering for supporting land geotechnical disaster prevention engineering and environmental geotechnical engineering

beach erosion and its countermeasures mechanism of storm surges and tsunamis, and coastal disaster prevention

development of construction materials and structures maintenance of infrastructures

beginning of concrete and reinforced concrete buildings construction technology for medium/ high rise reinforced concrete buildings



Handout will be provided

Grade Assessment


The goal attainment level is evaluated by the report. 60 points or more for 100 point full marks are accepted.

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