Fundamentals of Earth Science II

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LecturerMarc HUMBLET, Associate Professor
DepartmentG30, 2015 Spring
Recommended for:1st year 2nd semester (21.5hours / session One session / week 15 weeks / semester)

Course Aims

The course "Fundamentals of Earth Science II" aims at understanding the interactions between human society and the Earth system. On one hand, the Earth is a dynamic planet on which climate and geologic hazards, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, profoundly affect human society. On the other hand, the rapidly growing human population is affecting the global environment to an unprecedented extent. Learning about the interactions between human society and the Earth system is crucial to minimize the risks of natural hazards and to use Earth’s limited natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Key Features

The students are encouraged to ask questions during the class. Active participation in class is welcome as it makes the lectures livelier and promotes exchanges of ideas and opinions. I am also available outside lecture time and students should not hesitate to contact me if they need clarifications.


Understanding Earth

Reference book

Physical Geology


This course has no prerequisite, but prior completion of "Fundamentals of Earth Science I" is recommended.


  1. Introduction
  2. Volcanoes
  3. Seismology I: Earthquakes
  4. Seismology II: Reconstruction of Earth’s interior
  5. The climate system
  6. Biogeochemical cycles I: Water cycle
  7. Biogeochemical cycles II: Carbon cycle
  8. Climate I: Natural variations
  9. Climate II: Recent global change
  10. Geological resources

Lecture Handouts

Full Documents

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Session #5

Session #7

Session #8

Session #9


  • Two quizzes (multiple choice): 20% (10% each)
  • Mid-term exam: 40%
  • Final exam: 40%

Students will be graded following the five-step S-A-B-C-F grade evaluation system.

S: 90-100%, A: 80-89%, B: 70-79%, C:60-69%, F: 59-0%

A student will be given an "Absent" grade if he or she submits a Course Withdrawal Request by the end of May. This deadline does not apply to students who drop the class part-way through for an exceptional reason (e.g. illness, accident).

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