Teacher Development Theory Lecture I

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LecturerArani Sarkar, Associate Professor
DepartmentSchool of Education / Graduate School of Education and Human Development, 2015 Fall
Recommended for:3nd year students and up (2One session / week 15 weeks / semester)

Course Overview

Students will learn theoretical and practical knowledge as well as basic and technical skills of teacher training education, in-service education, and teacher education instructors. One of the features of this lecture is that there will be individual study as well as pair and group practice based on real case studies (evidences), and by exchanging many kinds of thoughts and ideas through opportunities such as class debates and individual presentations, we will deepen our understanding of teacher development.

Course Aims

  1. To acquire the basic knowledge and skills used in class practice methods and techniques that are necessary as a teacher.
  2. To understand basic concepts and theories of the teacher training system and curriculum and to consider teacher training education from each individual's point of view based on concrete practice.
  3. To understand basic concepts and theories of present education and to consider present conditions and problems based on application of those basic concepts and theories.
  4. By understanding the qualifications and capabilities that should be possessed by teacher educators that are responsible for teacher education, we will deepen our knowledge of that which is instrumental to that training.

Key Features

Each lecture you will be assigned to read some material and then write one page about the content as well as any opinion, question and new understanding that you had about the document by the following week. During the lecture, everyone will debate based on the assignment. After the lecture, I would like you to submit your feedback. I will take an empirical and confirmatory approach, by recording both the assignment and the feedback, and by analyzing the differences between the two, I will clarify what impact the lecture has had on the students and what kind of effect can improve the course.

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