Fundamentals of Physics III

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LecturerSee Kit FOONG, Designated Professor, John WOJDYLO, Designated Associate Professor
DepartmentG30, 2014 Spring
Recommended for:Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences 1st year, 2nd semester (4Two session / week)

Course Overview

Physics is at the foundation of science and engineering. This is the third of a series of four courses that cover the fundamentals of physics. It introduces the basic concepts and laws of electricity and magnetism, as well as their applications to solve a range of problems, including those which require knowledge from the earlier physics courses. Students will also be encouraged and guided to solve problems using various methods and to compare the solutions.

Pre-requisite and other requirements

Fundamentals of Physics I & II. Students are expected to participate actively in class activities throughout the course.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to gain a functional understanding of electricity, and magnetism, integrating the physics learned in earlier courses. They are able to solve not only the typical problems in electricity and magnetism, but also to apply the physics learned to understand better the physical phenomena around them and to solve problems involving these phenomena. They are prepared for the next course in the series: Fundamentals of Physics IV.


Fundamentals of Physics Extended 9th or 10th Edition International Student Version with WileyPLUS Set (John Wiley & Sons, 2010ISBN:9780470576083)

Reference book

Feynman Lectures On Physics (Vol. 2) by Richard Phillips Feynman (Pearson P T R)

Lecture Handouts

Session #1

Session #2


Class attendance is required. Absentee must give a valid reason.

A student will be regarded as ABSENT if his attendance of lecture is below 75% or he is absent without valid reason from any scheduled tests. A student who has an attendance rate of 75% or more and has taken the tests but wishes to be considered as ABSENT must see the instructor immediately after the final test.

Class participation and attendance: 5%

Exam I: 50%

Exam II: 45%

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