School of Humanities / Graduate School of Humanities

Yoshiyuki SUTO
Dean of the School of Humanities / Graduate School of Humanities

Faculty Introduction

Twenty-one Fields of Specialization of the School of Humanities, as well as twenty-five of the Graduate School of Humanities, pursue one shared goal, which is to explore human nature through a variety of methods and perspectives. Our school occupies a distinguished position in the study of the humanities, and the graduates play significant roles in fields such as education, culture, and journalism.

Today the study of the humanities faces drastic changes. Interdisciplinary study is being promoted and various innovative research programs have been started. Increasing globalization is evident in both research and education. To meet these changing circumstances our school has reformed its traditional system by integrating the conventional Chairs and introducing broad course-based curricula. With this new system, students can arrange their study plans according to their own interests.

In our school every undergraduate and graduate student will belong to one of the Fields of Specialization and write a thesis under the guidance of the academic advisers. In the course of writing the thesis, students are expected to acquaint themselves with traditional disciplines and to acquire the skills to deal adequately with academic and social problems.

School of Humanities / Graduate School of Humanities