OpenCourseWare Steering Committee,

Nagoya University

Here at the NU OCW website we have gathered notes and materials from lectures given at Nagoya University. Most of the information you see here are usually not seen by anyone but the students of the university. Feel free to see, hear, and experience the classes firsthand.

Nagoya University is a school with an educational staff of roughly 1800 in number, and a wide variety of courses, from both liberal arts and science. Each day, a massive number of lectures are given, with contents ranging from natural science to sociology, and students from freshmen to graduate school students. Normally, the lessons are accessible only to the students of Nagoya University.

At this website you can view a part of the lectures and be free to use, for your own purposes, the materials actually used at the university. This movement is the same as those going on in other universities taking part in the Japan OCW Consortium and OCW Consortium project.

Two of our original ideas are the ‘Study Strategies’ and ‘One Minute Video’. You can see some of the tricks the professors use to make the lectures more interesting, and watch as they explain about their classes in their own words. We hope that through these efforts we can make the university and its classes a closer existence to all.

For those of you who wish to enter Nagoya University, you may get a glimpse of what you're going to learn once you enter. For teachers, the lectures may give you a hint on how to improve your own lessons. And for the public, we hope you can understand some of what we teach here.

Hopefully you will be able to ‘experience’ our classes by using this website.

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