Physics Experiments

Sinki OYABU Lecturer

Department: Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Class Time: 2017 Fall
Recommended for: School of Medicine

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Videos of Physics Laboratory Experiments

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Course Overview

The goal of this course is to improve your understanding of the theory behind physical values and phenomena on the basis of measurements and observations, and to help you master experimental techniques such as basics, methods, and principles of measurement by using various types of equipment. Concurrently, practice assignments related to the experiments are given to facilitate understanding of data analysis and writing of reports. There is a historical, intellectual, social, and technical back ground behind each subject covered in the experiments. The experimental equipment and methodologies covered in this course can be applied in the majority of fields related to natural science. Hence, students interested in physics as well as those majoring in other fields will discover the applicability of the lessons learned in their major through laboratory experiments performed in this class. Students are expected to learn from not only classroom lectures but also hands-on physics laboratory experiments, which constitute a fundamental academic skill required for future studies in their specific fields.

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Course Content

  1. Lectures and exercises on the basics of measurements and analyses
  2. Experiments

    • Acceleration due to gravity
    • Equipotential lines
    • Motion of electrons in magnetic field
    • Wavelength of light measured with diffracting grating
    • Oscilloscope
    • Resonance of electrical circuit
    • Low temperature properties of materials

Course Prerequisites

It is preferable to take courses of Fundamentals of Physics, but is not required

Course Evaluation Methods

Evaluation will be based on participation, weekly recitations, and reports. Students will have to submit a report at the end of each session unless otherwise instructed. Class attendance is a very important factor affecting the approval of the credit of this course because the physics laboratory experiments class lays emphasis on class attendance and laboratory work performance. Students who are absent more than two times or submit a Course Withdrawal Request will receive an 'Absence' grade.

Notice for Students

Students taking this course MUST attend the first class of this course to get guidance and safety training. Textbook Information about the text book will be announced in the first class.

Reference Book

Students are strongly encouraged to watch the experiment instruction video at the URL, to learn operations and procedure of the experiment PRIOR TO each class of the experiment.

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