Multi-Ethnic Society

Takeshi HIGASHIMURA Professor

Department: Graduate School of International Development

Class Time: 2014 Spring Thursday
Recommended for: Department of International Cooperation Studies

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Course Overview

This course will deal with ethnicity-related issues. Starting from key concepts (ethnicity, nationalism, etc.), it will cover various topics and cases of nation-state building and majority-minority relations mainly from a sociological viewpoint. Students may be requested to make presentations on case studies depending on their research interests.

Key Features

Because background of students (what they learned in their undergraduate days) varies from person to person, it is difficult to set an appropriate level of discussion and choose relevant topics every session. I encourage students to extend their own perspectives after understanding different approaches to similar issue.

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Will be distributed by the instructor.

Course Schedule

Session Contents
1 Introduction
2 Comparing concepts: ethnic group, nation, race, etc.
3 Modern nation-state building (1)
4 Modern nation-state building (2)
5 Pluralism (1)
6 Pluralism (2)
7 Nationality and citizenship
8 Ethnic media, ethnic business
9 Ethnic groups in mass media
10 National integration and languages
11 Indigenous peoples, states and development (1)
12 Indigenous peoples, states and development (2)
13 Case study (1)
14 Case study (2)
15 Wrap-up


Attendance (60%) + term paper (40%)

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Lecture Handouts

Session #2
Comparing concepts: ethnic group, nation, race, etc. (PDF, 91KB)
Session #3
Modern nation-state building (1) (PDF, 94KB)
Session #4
Modern nation-state building (2) (PDF, 93KB)
Session #5
Pluralism (1) (PDF, 77KB)
Session #6
Pluralism (2) (PDF, 94KB)
Session #7
Nationality and citizenship (PDF, 101KB)
Session #9
Ethnic groups in mass media (PDF, 92KB)
Session #10
National integration and languages (PDF, 90KB)
Session #11
Indigenous peoples, states and development (1) (PDF, 87KB)
Session #12
Indigenous peoples, states and development (2) (PDF, 164KB)
Session #13
Case study (1) (PDF, 119KB)
Session #14
Case study (2) (PDF, 112KB)

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