Power Electronics

Takeshi FURUHASHI Professor

Department: School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering

Class Time: 2013 Fall Monday
Recommended for: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Course Purpose

Basic understanding of power electronics, which is an essential technology where elctric power is generated/utilized, such as eco-generation, eco-car, Shinkansen train, linear motor car, and robot.


  1. Understanding of fundamentals of power electronic circuits- chppers, inverters.
  2. Understanding of fundamentals of AC/DC motor control.

Prerequisite Subjects

Linear circuit theory, Mathematics1, 2, Mathematics for electrical & electronic eng.,Electrical circuit, Electronic circuit, Electromagnetic theory

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Course Topics

  1. Rectifier circuits
  2. Three terminal regulator
  3. Chopper circuits
  4. Controls of DC motor
  5. Inverters
  6. Controls of AC motors


T. Furuhashi: Power Electronics --Breadboard Models and Theory--, CORONA Pub. Co., Ltd Electronic parts for constructing practice

Additional Reading


Grade Assessment

Practice 40% Term-end examination 60%

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Lecture Handouts

Session #01
Preparation (PDF, 6032KB)
Session #02
Rectifier Circuit (PDF, 1160KB)
Session #03
Smoothing Circuit (PDF, 1018KB)
Session #04
Step-down Chopper (PDF, 458KB)
Session #05
Step-down Chopper with Smoothing Circuit (PDF, 408KB)
Session #06
Step-up_down Chopper (PDF, 717KB)
Session #07
Operational Amplifier (PDF, 448KB)
Session #08
DC Motor (PDF, 529KB)
Session #09
Motor Drive using Chopper Circuit (PDF, 790KB)
Session #10
PI Controller (PDF, 251KB)
Session #11
Braking Circuit (PDF, 407KB)
Session #12
Half-bridge Inverter (PDF, 726KB)
Session #13
Full-bridge Inverter (PDF, 484KB)
Session #14
Three-phase Inverter (PDF, 405KB)
Session #15
Three-phase Inverter II (PDF, 1540KB)

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