Information Literacy

Shigeki YOKOI Professor

Department: Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Class Time: 2008 Spring Wednesday
Recommended for: School of Literature
School of Law
School of Economics
School of Education

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Course Aims

We will learn about the practical techniques of data processing (emails, information retrieval, compositions) while understanding its fundaments (computers and the internet).

Also, we will consider methods and techniques of expressing information using written compositions and graphics.

Key Features

So that university students can learn basic information skills, these lessons have become more focused on practice. I assign the practice tasks themes that students have an interest in and can come to grips with.

The final assignment is designed so that students research in a field of their own interest, and can come to a comprehensive understanding from the practical-use approach of literacy ability by producing a presentation.

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Course Contents

  1. Conducting lectures on the Fundamental Knowledge of Data Processing
    Hardware, Software, Internet
  2. Learning the Basic Techniques of Data Processing Email, Browsers and Search Engines, Writing Compositions
    Practicing practical techniques of Spreadsheets
  3. Learning Techniques of Expressing Information
    Using presentation software (Powerpoint)
    Practicing techniques of editing and organizing information, and methods of expression using letters or diagrams.


Various core evaluated practice tasks making use of software (60%)

Practices and reports relating to basic knowledge and basic methods of expression (40%)

There will be no usual written tests.

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Lecture Handouts

All files are in Japanese.

Lecture 1
Lecture 1 (PDF, 153KB)
Lecture 2
Lecture 2 (PDF, 225KB)


Assignment 1-1: Email
Assignment 1-1 (PDF, 941KB)
Assignment 1-2: Email
Assignment 1-2 (PDF, 1086KB)
Assignment 2: Information Retrieval using Search Engines
Assignment 2 (PDF, 74KB)
Assignment 3-1: Presentation Software
Assignment 3-1 (PDF, 1497KB)
Assignment 3-2: Presentation Software
Assignment 3-2 (PDF, 1325KB)
Assignment 3-3: Presentation Software
Assignment 3-3 (PDF, 446KB)

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