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Tomohide NIIMI
Dean of School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering

Guide to the School of Engineering

Natural sciences have long been developing as a result of the observation of nature coupled with logical thinking since the ancient time when mathematics was conceptualized. As a typical example of technology originated from sciences, the invention of a steam locomotive in the 19th century led the historical "innovation" known as the industrial revolution. The continuous efforts of our predecessors caused a variety of innovations and we realized the production of hybrid cars and smartphones etc. in recent years. Thus, human beings rapidly invented many useful systems, machines and tools which enable us to elevate our quality of life based on the viewpoint of "engineering". This trend is continuing and the uncultivated fields are still lying in front of you, young people.

On the other hand, however, we acted too hastily to seek for the high productivity and efficiency in recent decades, and hence environmental problems such as the pollution of air and water have been caused. This situation is very serious because many of them are proceeding in the irreversible fashion. It is our wisdom to stop the undesirable statuses and get back our irreplaceable earth, also from the viewpoint of "engineering". Therefore the field of performance is ready for all of you.

I strongly hope you are willing to knock the door of "engineering", and study hard to challenge the new fields and also try to solve the serious problems mentioned above.

You are very welcome to visit and join us.

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School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering

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